Internet of Things with Raspberry PI

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We know IOT is a buzzword nowadays , when we think of implementing IOT , we require a small handy microprocessor which can process all kind of data coming from different kinds of data coming from sensors;

Raspberry PI is small microprocessor which is power full enough to process coming data and connects sensors , input output devices.

Let us see an unveiling of a Raspberry PI in link given.

Fresh Install of Raspberry PI:

When we get Raspberry PI we have blank memory card, we have to install operating system in it, you can find link below

Working with NodeRed

Nodered is a graphical drag and drop flow based platform which comes preinstalled when you install Raspbian OS over Raspberri PI.This platform allows you to create powerfull IOT link below to find more about NodeRed.

Our first IOT project on RaspberryPI using NodeRed

we will simply exploit GPIOs(general purpose input output pins) by connecting LED and resistors and contrlling with NodeRed platform see with link below

Interfacing Raspberry PI with Arduino UNO for passing humidity and temperature sensors value to database at Raspberry PI

we can connect an Arduino Uno to raspberry PI through a USB port and can drive it by communicating through that USB post only.Click the below link for demo

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