Data , pivot of business

With the advancement of different social networking sites, lots of unstructured and variety of data is posted every second, and with the advent of BigData technology people started saving this data as HADOOP content, and concept of DataLake has come, and technology like MapReduce and Spark has given industry the tool to harness this data.

With the advent of Data science and machine learning, this data can be fed to different neural network engines for analytics and also visualization tools gives you better insight.

People with mathematical background (specially statistical ) are much needed now in this industry and if these people are well equipped with knowledge of programming in say Python or R and have knowledge of any visualization tool like Matplotlib or ggplot or Tableau or Zeppelin then the combination becomes hot and much needed for industry.

Readers going through this article who are less known to these terminologies might be wondering how to master these technologies.The good news is that i will be starting blog content on these items just after this write-up and step by step we will understand about it.

Next write-up in this series will be on BigData so stay tuned.

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